Advisory Board

Mr.Anand Kethavarapu

27+ years of experience in
Linux Administration, Project Management having professional certifications like PMP, MCSE, ITIL, CEI, CHFI, ECSA.

Mr.Gani Raju

M.Tech (IITM), (Ph.D)
15 yrs Expert in Electrical and
Control Systems.

Dr.C.Veerabhadra Rao

IIT-Delhi , 14+ years experience in
industry, worked in Oracle Corporation, U.S.A.


M.Tech., Ph.D 15+ Years Experience in
academy and Research. Expert in Security Engineering.


M.Tech.,Ph.D(A.U.), 14 + Years experience
in Academia, Expert in Network Security.

Dr.M.Shiva Naresh,

IISc, Bangalore